Will Republicans lose their majority in the House in next month’s midterm elections but gain seats in the Senate? Can Democrats sweep and win both the House and Senate? Or will Republicans defy the odds – and history – by maintaining their congressional majorities?

We’ll discuss all the key House and Senate campaigns, the latest polling, Trump’s impact on the elections and sleeper races around the country during a special “2018 Midterm Election Preview” webinar with former Congressman Mike Ferguson, who leads Baker Hostetler’s Federal Policy team, and election forecaster Jim Ellis.

You’ll be able to ask Mike and Jim about key races you’re following – but only if you register for the webinar. Mark your calendar for Baker Hostetler’s “2018 Midterm Election Preview” webinar beginning at 1:30 pm EDT on Tuesday, Oct. 23. (Feel free to share this blog with colleagues or friends whom you think would be interested in an insider’s perspective on the upcoming elections.)